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Investing Wisely: Top Considerations When Buying Flats in Kochi

April 9, 2024

Always wanted to own your own flat in Kochi, but did not know what to look for? There are so many residential apartments which are in different stages of construction in the city and narrowing down one’s options can be quite confusing.

Experts say that before you sign on the dotted line and look at flats to buy in Kochi, here are a few important tips to consider first:


  • The location is without doubt one of the first factors that homeowners keep in mind. With the availability of metro services within the city, easy accessibility to carious hubs of transport is a good factor to keep in mind.

Financial Health

  • Your financial ability to purchase a flat should be taken into account.
  • While considering the perfect flats to buy in Kochi, you need to decide whether you are more comfortable going with an EMI option or if making a full payment is more to your preference. Financial planning plays a very important role in determining the kind of budget, mid-range or premium apartment you will eventually purchase.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Most seniors prefer apartments that offer basic amenities and in which the sense of a community is strong.
  • Families with small children may prefer a flat that has an active residential association and which celebrates different festivals and holiday together.
  • The kind of facilities that a residential building offers plays an important role in upgrading one’s lifestyle.

Legal Aspects

  • Legal approvals are often overlooked before making a flat purchase but that is a very important safety check that should be done.
  • A Title deed, Approved building plan, Completion certificate, Occupancy certificate, No objection certificate, Property tax receipts and Sale agreements should be in place first.
  • Getting legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in real estate contracts and agreements is advised.